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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I replace just the glass in my window if it's broken?

Yes, on dual pane windows the interior and exterior glass are sealed together to form what is known as a insulated unit. Most of the time when either the interior or exterior pane is broken a new insulated unit is required.

My window is foggy, do I have to replace the whole window?

Not typically, the seal has most likely broken between the interior and exterior pain and moisture has made its way inside. These can easily be replaced with a new insulated unit. Check with your window manufacturer as many times failed or fogged units are covered under their warranty.

Can I replace my door without replacing all the trim and door jamb?

Most of the time. We can buy door slabs, and we have a process to prep the hinge and knob to match your old door. In this case you should be able to put the door back on the existing hinges in the old door jamb. This does not always work well when going from a wood door to a fiberglass door since the standard fiberglass sizing is narrower and shorter than wood standards.

Will Vinyl windows discolor?

Some of the original vinyl windows had problems with yellowing or discoloring when exposed to intense heat over time. The vinyl recipes used in our current times have additives in the compound to eliminate the problem.

What does a lifetime warranty cover?

In most cases this covers problems (excluding breakage unless you have Milgard Tuscany) and failures of the windows as long as you own the home. Most vendors include both the materials and the labor, but be careful when shopping as some say they have a lifetime warranty but it doesn’t include labor.

Do screens come with my windows?


Can I paint my vinyl windows a different exterior color?

No. Vinyl is not a very paintable surface unless you use the right technology. Painting vinyl windows will void your warranty. Adding color to the vinyl may impact the window's absorption of heat and can cause insulated glass units to heat and the seal may break. Many vinyl window manufactures now offer painted windows; this is a great alternative to painting your own vinyl and you maintain your warranty.

Do doors come pre-painted?

Typically not, although some manufacturers offer pre-finished doors. Most of the time wood and fiberglass doors come unfinished. We don't paint or stain as it just isn't our specialty. We would recommend contacting a local painting contractor to finish the door once installed

Do you do work in homes with Lead Based Paint?

Yes, we are a Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor with the State of Oregon. We do NOT perform work in child occupied homes that test positive for Lead Based Paint, for your protection and ours.

Can my current key match my new lock?

Most likely yes. There are two major brands in residential locks, Kwikset and Schlage and they each use unique keys so that a Kwikset key can't be used in a Schlage key way and visa versa. By trying to stay within the same brand with new hardware we can usually guarantee key matching. On occasion we can put key ways for Kwikset and put in a Schlage but not always. It's best if possible to stay in the brand you currently have.

Do you offer financing?

We do not currently offer financing, we do accept most credit cards as well as cash and checks. We are small enough to make our own decisions and have been known to be creative on accounts receivable when needed.

Is there an average cost per window to use for budgeting?

This is not an exact number and doesn't work in every instance but when working with vinyl windows you can budget $600 to $800 per opening and that should be a reasonable budget number for the windows and installation. Again not exact and you can't hold me to it but it might be helpful.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, we do not charge for estimates, and we would be glad to set up an appointment.

Where are the doors and windows made?

Many doors sold here in the US are made abroad and imported here. A number of wood door manufacturers make their doors here in the northwest. Rogue Valley Doors is an Oregon company and builds in the southern Oregon city of Grants Pass.

Milgard makes all their vinyl windows in Tualatin, Oregon and their aluminum, fiberglass and woodclad window in Tacoma, Washington. Cascade's windows are produced in Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon.